Katie Rauth is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Philadelphia, PA.

Her current work plays the intersection of fatness, queerness and camp, exploring issues of fat femininity and the subversive potential of material excess. Through her sculptures, videos & performances, Rauth also relates teenhood and foundations of queerness as analogous experiences, engaging in conversations around “second puberty” and biopolitical sovereignty.

Recently, she has also explored the invisibility of high femme lesbian identities through drag, in her own performance work and in her curated event series Wavelengths. Through Wavelengths, Rauth focused on the surprisingly narrow mindset of gender expression/identity in mainstream drag, and amplifies and empowered marginalized identities within queer communities.

Katie Rauth is a member of Vox Populi, a Practice Gallery alum and a 2018 recipient of the Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant and a 2019 recipient of the City of Philadelphia’s OACCE Creative Avenues Grant.